This is Art

This is Art

By Ramon Gener

Written by Gemma Sanz

Produced by Brutal Media

Sales Agent Bdistribution

“This is Art” is a journey into ourselves, into our feelings and our concerns. The emotions that characterize us as human beings. Art has the power to bring out all kinds of feelings and sensations. Thanks to it, we can figure out who we really are. The main aim of “This is Art” is to move us, to shake things up, but it is also a show for learning, intended for all audiences. Because we are all capable of desiring, loving, hating, laughing and crying. Through the beauty of artistic forms, we go inside the inner workings of human nature.



  • Education
  • 50 '
  • General Audiences
  • Other
  • Colour
  • 4 K
  • Catalan, Spanish, English