Wild Sunflowers

Gira-sols Silvestres

By Jaime Rosales

Written by Jaime Rosales

Cast Oriol Pla, Anna Castillo

Produced by A Contracorriente Films
Fresdeval Films

Sales Agent Film Factory Entertainment

Julia is a 22-year-old unemployed mother of two children who falls in love with Oscar, a passionate and troubled boy who just came out of prison. Oscar continually vacillates between an exalted love, outbreaks of violence and a return to blind love. One night, everything ends in a severe beating after an argument over jealousy. She denounces the assault and he is arrested.

Days later, she decides to return with the father of her children, Marcos, a young soldier stationed in Melilla. Happy months pass before everything returns to apathy and a new separation.

Julia ends up working in a supermarket. Alex, an old friend from high school, might be the match she has been looking for.



  • Drama
  • TBC
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 35mm
  • Spanish