Mighty Flash

Destello Bravío

By Ainhoa Rodríguez

Written by Ainhoa Rodríguez

Cast Guadalupe Gutiérrez, Carmen Valverde, Isabel Mendoza

Produced by Eddie Saeta
Tentación Cabiria

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In a small rural town in the southwest of Spain, suffering from depopulation, it seems as if time has stood still. Its inhabitants cling to a traditional way of life in decline due to the arrival of globalization. But its women are the ones who suffer the worst consequences of a closed, masculinized and unfair society. One of them, Cita, feels trapped after a personal loss while she attempts to find ways to escape her pain; María has been widowed and returns to the town where she was born to confront her loneliness; some elegant ladies drink coffee and eat sweets in a strange room, one of them hears a shot in the distance that no one else can hear. 


  • Drama
  • 98 '
  • +18
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • Other
  • Spanish