By Eva Vila

Written by Eduardo González

Produced by Araki Films
Producciones 5tha Avenida
Pica Office

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Llorenç is a sophisticated middle-aged nose who carries the family perfumery tradition started by his grandfather in the French school of Grasse. Caught up in a crisis caused by his progressive loss of smell, he tries to find a way out by attempting to recreate a scent from his childhood days.

Like an invisible thread, the aroma of his memories leads him on a new adventure: a journey through the island of Cuba. Accompanied by a young tourist adventuress and a crafty Cuban driver, the journey offers him the chance to find his essence. A journey beyond anything he could have ever imagined, where impurities will bring him closer to understanding otherness and discovering a two-way street guided by smell.





  • Road Movie
  • 95 '
  • General Audiences
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour B&W
  • 4 K