By Paula Ortiz

Written by Paula Ortiz, Javier García-Arredondo

Produced by Bluebird Films
Inicia Films
Txintxua Films
La Lengua en Pedazos AIE

Sales Agent Filmax

Spain, the 16th century.
Teresa waits patiently. She knows the time has come. Today, the Inquisitor will come. The fate of the San José monastery, which she worked so hard to found with her sisters, depends on his visit and his judgement. His questions and his conclusions will decide what happens to her sisters, and what happens to her. Freedom, imprisonment or burnt at the stake.
In a conversation taking place on a single night, Teresa will struggle through the word, her past, fears, doubts and guilt, to try to find her freedom. "In contradiction is the gain".
Teresa is the film adaptation of Juan Mayorga's The Tongue in Pieces about Saint Teresa of Ávila.



  • Drama
  • 100 '
  • TBC
  • Other
  • Colour
  • Other
  • Spanish