Entre la vie et la mort

Entre la vida i la mort

By Giordano Gederlini

Written by Giordano Gederlini

Cast Antonio de la Torre, Marine Vacht

Produced by Fasten Films
Noodles Production
Frakas Production

Sales Agent Le pacte

Leo Castaneda is a Spaniard living in Brussels. He works as a metro train driver on Brussels' Line no. 6. One night, as his train is arriving at a station, he meets the gaze of a young man standing on the edge of the platform. A familiar face, eyes feverish with distress. Leo recognizes his son Hugo, just as he stumbles and tragically falls to his death on the tracks! Leo hadn't seen his son for more than two years. He finds out from the police that Hugo was involved with a gang of violent criminals who committed a botched and bloody hold-up. Leo has to confront the gang as he tries to understand how his son died.


  • Thriller
  • 120 '
  • +16
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • HD
  • French