Love is forever (S9)

Estimar és per sempre (T9)

By Eduardo Casanova

Written by Verónica Viñé, Bratriz Duque de Blas, Ángel Agudo, Ángel Turlán, Aitor Santos, Maite Pérez Astorga, Tirso Conde, Paco de Campos, Diana Rojo, Ariana Martín, Anna Marchessi Riera

Cast Manu Baqueiro, José Antonio Sayagués, Itziar Miranda, Anabel Alonso, Iñaki Miramón, Luz Valdenebro, David Janer, Oriol Tarrasón, Unax Ugalde, Manuela Velasco, Eva Rufo, Llum Barrera, Clara de Ramon

Produced by Diagonal Televisió

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Season 9 finds Manolita and Pelayo at the morgue, devastated. The owners of 'El Asturiano' bar, the heart and soul of the series, have been dealt a hard blow: their daughter Marisol has been found dead. Grief-stricken and powerless in the face of such an inexplicable event, the family falls to pieces. Everyone offers moral support, but they are inconsolable.

The story of the G√≥mez family, in this season, is the story of a family broken by the loss of a child, of a couple struggling to stay afloat in the aftermath of a devastating event, but above all, the obsession of a mother to discover the truth about her daughter's final days.



  • Drama
  • 250x50 '
  • General Audiences
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish