What About Dad?

¿Qué hacemos con papá?

By Alberto Sola

Written by Alberto Sola

Cast Ana Fernández Vásquez, Siena Maza, Adria Olay Egea, Josep Seguí

Produced by Bande à Part

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Two daughters and one son meet at their father's house to talk about why he's been acting so strangely. Their father is a bit unstable at the time and it seems that he is spending too much money on fancy things for a certain woman. The older sister knows who the woman is and what's going on but her younger brother and sister don't. Later on, the younger sister finds out the truth about her father and argues with her older sister. At the end, the father escapes from the house and his son and daughters rush out to find him. The three of them go driving around the city looking for their father. When they turn a corner, they see an elderly lady crossing the street. It's actually their father in disguise. Realising this, the younger sister finds herself paralysed in shock. She doesn't stop in time and runs over her father.


  • Drama
  • 12 '
  • +12
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 1:85
  • Spanish