R.I.P. The Series

R.I.P. La Sèrie

By Caye Casas

Written by Caye Casas

Produced by Alhena Production

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R.I.P. is a dark and surreal comedy in which none of the characters are able to rest in peace. Self-concluding episodes located in different towns in the deepest and most archaic Spain, with peculiar names such as Matagorda, Aldeaquemada and La Hoz de la Vieja. Accidents, suicides, murders and post-mortem events give rise to the plots in each episode, with cartoonish and oddball protagonists. Topics such as the acceptance of death, family dysfunction, the right to die and economic interest are recreated in a bloody narrative and visual satire. Sooner or later, whether we are rich, poor, happy or miserable, we are all going to die, so we'd better laugh at death in the meantime.



  • Black Comedy
  • 8x25 '
  • +16
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 4 K HD