Shedding Skin


By Katherina Harder

Written by Katherina Harder

Cast Anna Casas, Violet Ferrer, Violet Ferrer

Produced by Bande à Part

Sales Agent Contact producer

Alicia (39) is a seamstress. She designs and makes women's clothing, but behind the fabrics she hides the secret of her own body: the annoyance and disapproval she feels towards it after having a mastectomy to treat her breast cancer. After the accidental flooding of her apartment, she meets her new neighbour LucĂ­a (41), a transsexual woman. Despite their tense first encounter, the two women meet again and start spending more time together. As day and night pass, they begin to see themselves in the other and to help one another. As dawn breaks, both women will find healing and freedom in the middle of the sea. 


  • Fiction
  • 16 '
  • +7
  • Other Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • Red One HD
  • Spanish