Torna, Sara!

By Laura Jou

Written by Hèctor Hernández, Maite Carranza, Júlia Prats, Ferran Folch, Isaac Sastre, Jaume Mateu, Anaïs Schaaf

Produced by Massa D'Or Produccions

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Sara, 15, runs away from home when she finds letters from her mother and finds out that she has a lover and that she is not her father's daughter. Pep (14), a boy who spends summers in Sara's village, whom he is in love with, goes out looking for her. When he finds her, he realizes that Sara is never coming back, and that she's hiding a secret. Pep accompanies her on her escape with the intention of knowing what Sara is hiding and how he can help her.



  • Drama, Fiction, Road Movie
  • 5x50 '
  • Teenagers
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan