The Nest

El niu

By Eva ValiƱo

Written by Eva Valiño, Isa Campo

Produced by Colosé Producciones

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Zaira (30) is a nursing student and immigrant from Western Sahara who lives alone with her two children, Lala (4) and Basiri (11) in a rented apartment in Barcelona.
To provide for her kids, Zaira spends a lot of time working outside the home and spends the little free time she has left raising her kids with the age-old values or her faith and culture.
One afternoon, while Basiri is cleaning the apartment landing, a middle-aged Spanish woman enters the house, weighed down with bags and suitcases. Having just arrived, Antonia (56) has trouble breathing and collapses on the living room floor. Zaira and her kids come to her aid as best they can until the stranger eventually comes to again. Waking up with her head on Zaira's lap, Antonia asks, "What are you all doing in my house?"
Antonia learns her apartment is being squatted and Zaira discovers she's been the victim of a scam and is now in danger of losing her home.
Given both women's precarious situation, they're unsure how to react. Feeling helpless, they both decide to carry on, embarking on a shared living situation that's far from having been agreed on, or desired.
Antonia adapts to the situation by locking herself in one of the rooms with almost a siege mentality. Zaira gets used to Antonia's presence and is actively engaged in the hostile atmosphere that keeps festering between them, day after day.
The only ones capable of navigating both sides of this divide are the children who will keep their relationship with Antonia secret, taking advantage of their mother's absences while she's out at work. Purely from the standpoint of survival, creating ties with the children is something Antonia will find inevitable. She'll need to bring them around to her way of thinking and in doing so cause the kids to disobey an order from their mother. It won't take long for Zaira to discovers what's happening and face her kids head-on. Paralysed, Antonia will do nothing to come to their aid.


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