The Girl of the Strange Secret

La noia de l'estrany secret

By Tony Navarro Hernandez, AnaĆ­s Medina Seoane

Written by Tony Navarro Hernandez

Cast Christian Caner, Irene Pereira Moral, David Moreno Luna, Júlia Ferré Merino

Produced by Dawn Melodies Productions

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Framed within pop culture and the neo-noir genre, The Girl with the Strange Secret tells the story of Eva, a mysterious librarian who meets Gabriel, a passionate admirer who seems to know all of Eva's secrets. After accepting to go on a date with him, Eva will encounter a string of disturbing events that will make her doubt the intentions of the mysterious Gabriel.


  • Drama, Fantasy, Suspense, Horror, Thriller
  • 16 '
  • +12
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish