Pride Camp

Orgull Camp

By Aïda Torrent

Written by Pep Jové

Produced by Camille Zonca

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Anyone who has never been to a summer camp may not know their potential: they are a school of life, where young people live in a space different from the usual, without their daily routines. In Pride Camp a teen group will live for 6 days in an LGTBI + camp, a space of freedom, a refuge.

Through coexistence and activities organised by educators, the youngsters will learn to love their realities and relate to other members of the community without prejudice. Pride Camp is a transmedia entertainment project that aims to show the younger LGTBI+ community, breaking with stereotypes, taboos, prejudice and stigma.



  • Education, Comedy, Drama
  • 6x20 '
  • Teenagers
  • Other
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan