Kibbutz Generation

Generació Kibbutz

By Albert Abril

Written by Albert Abril

Produced by Altervideo

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The Kibbutz was a unit of agricultural development established on the most unproductive wasteland areas, on the old British Colony in Palestine.

On the frame of the profound ignorance of the kibbutz phenomenon, this documentary wants to compensate the lack of information about the issue.

The Sixties were the years of the quest of the socialist dream. To escape from the grey reality of the dictatorship, young people used to meet in small communities to experiment different ways of coexistence, sexual interaction, and experimentation of substances: a new paradigm, the essence of May 68.

The tale of the pilgrimage of young Catalan travellers to the Middle East, their motivation and experience is detailed in this 52-minute documentary film: The Kibbutz Generation.






  • Documentary
  • 52 '
  • General Audiences
  • Ultra Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan, English