Tardes de soledad

By Albert Serra

Written by Albert Serra

Produced by Andergraun Films
Ideale Audience
LaCima Producciones S.L.
Tardes de soledad AIE

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Tardes de soledad aims to be the first documentary to tackle the aesthetic side of bullfighting in all its complexity and to do so with the expressiveness and plastic and conceptual refinement of director Albert Serra. It also seeks to address this theme from the point of view of the bullfighter, that is, the person who takes the risk of facing the bull as a personal duty; partly out of respect for a tradition, but above all as an aesthetic challenge to create a form of ephemeral beauty that emerges from the violent material encounter between the calm and rationality of the human being with the brutality of the wild and barbaric animal.

The documentary will try to answer these questions through the portrait of three young active bullfighters, illustrious defenders of the most incorruptible commitment and personal integrity: Pablo Aguado, Juan Leal and Tom├ís Campos, three figures who are accompanied by a mysterious aura and are already the object of an exalted cult. And it will be done from two crucial moments in the experience of any bullfighter: in the disordered passion of the moment of the appearance of the vocation and in the codified ritual, almost sacred, of the great bullfights, putting special emphasis on the moments before the fight, where the psychological and moral complexity of the three men will be scrutinized on the basis of fear, anguish and their innate tendency to sacrifice. 




  • Drama
  • 120 '
  • TBC
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Catalan, Spanish