By Francesc Roig, Rebeca Hortig├╝ela

Written by Rebeca Hortigüela

Cast La Huesito, Oski Revlon, Jayce, Sandra Kroes, Lirios Pastor, Inoxenoch, Nuria Beltrán, Saam Thegoat, Ruth Prim, Judith Endje, Rick Jordan Ponce, Natalia Palomares, Exon Arcos, Sebastián Linares, Daniela Blasco, Kendry, Mahgali Jou, Rafa Ponferrada, Makuriya, Nicol, África

Produced by Goroka

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It happened in music, and now it has also happened in dance. Street dance is rooted in the neighbourhoods, but its journey continues and goes viral on social media. Digital stages are the realm where dancers interact and develop their style, learn new tricks and share experiences.

This idea is the key to Danz's visual format, a mashup of street and digital aesthetics.

Eight episodes, eight styles: afro, dancehall, jazzfunk, krump, hip hop, popping, twerking and voguing. The dancers explain their relationship with dance, describe their vision of the phenomenon, and teach us a dance step. The objective: to show that dance is a tool of resistance, a cry of protest and a way of empowerment. 


  • Documentary
  • 8x15 '
  • +16
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish