The Cinema We Don't See

El cinema que no veiem

By Marc Fàbregas

Written by Marc Fàbregas

Cast Octavi Pujades

Produced by Toned Media

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Catalan productions have been fighting for years to have more visibility in cinemas, on the Catalan television channel TV3 and on online platforms. But those who are just starting out, often with low-cost films and scant resources, have it even worse. Three Catalan independent film directors tell us how they see film in Catalonia. They are accompanied by Catalan cinema and festival managers, as well as government representatives, thereby providing a fairly accurate overview of the sector. The documentary is led by actor Octavi Pujades, who has worked in both mainstream and independent film.



  • Documentary
  • 77 '
  • General Audiences
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour B&W
  • HD
  • Catalan, Spanish