349x776 (Guernica, 1937)

By Vicente Dominguez

Written by Vicente Domínguez, Iban Manzano

Produced by Colosé Producciones

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Guernica was a commission from the Second Republic of Spain to Picasso with a clear and defined political intention. From the first time that it was exhibited at the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1937 to the present day, it has become the most prominent exponent of what has been known as political art in the 20th century. This masterpiece of art history has overflowed like no other in the field of Fine Arts, and has become a powerful social symbol of denunciation and protest against war. In its disturbing depictions reverberate the most devastating massacres of history.
But, also, it has become the symbol of other struggles, without knowing cultural, geographical, or temporal boundaries. This has taken it to neighbourhoods, streets, prisons and social initiatives all over the world, where it is reproduced on posters, banners, stickers, information leaflets and walls.
Starting from this premise, the documentary 349x776 (Guernica, 1937), through history, but also thought literature, art, cinema, and philosophy, explores the mystery of the endless and infinite 27 square meters of canvas painted with whites, greys and blacks, and its constant reinterpretation over the decades.





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