The Treasure Fleet

La Flota d'Índies

By Antonio PĂ©rez Molero

Written by Laura Collado, Antonio Pérez Molero

Produced by Inicia Films
Trueday Films

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1492: News of the New World, a land full of wonder and treasure, would spread like wildfire across Europe. The discovery of the Americas uncovered a source of incalculable riches that Spain endeavoured to exploit exclusively. To make this a reality, the Crown devised an unprecedented naval system: the Spanish treasure fleet, a pioneering merchant flotilla protected by galleons from the Spanish Armada that would connect Spain with its American colonies.
For more than 200 years other European powers would attempt to take down the Spanish monopoly, using all of the means at their disposal: piracy, privateering, smuggling or direct attacks against the fleet. 
This would prove to be a substantial challenge.



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