Why I Can Not Write Anything

Per què no escric res

By Isabel Fernández

Written by Isabel Fernández

Produced by Al Pati Produccions

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Madrid 1967. Carmen Laforet writes to her friend writer Ramon J. Sender: "I'd like to write a novel about a world that is just known from the outside because no one has found its language yet ... the world of Gynecium. It's the world that secretly dominates life. Instinctively, women adapt to inflexible laws, hypocritical on many occasions, for a terrible dominance... We poor women writers have never explained the truth, even when we wanted. I'd like to talk about this secret". A journey to the world of the author of Nothing, to explore the creative conflicts behind the most talented and elusive Spanish woman writer of the 20th century.


  • Documentary
  • 80 '
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