By Chus VerdĂș Seva

Written by Chus Verdú Seva

Cast Andrea-Suyapa Cáceres, Aina Tadeo, Lídice Segura, Neus Ibáñez, Yolanda Cañardo, Marta Carmona, Mady del Rocío Arroyo, Bea Hernández

Produced by Bande à Part

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In a visibly fictitious green meadow, a naked Venus sleeps, a voice describes her, as a painting and as a pictorial element. The Venus in the painting ends up talking, wondering: is this how they see me? I am not satisfied. From that moment on, the Venus and the maids in two more paintings will debate about: if they really have control over their body, if they can represent themselves, if they identify with what is represented. What power do they have for their gender, their class, their race. They will seek a union of voices and strength to be able to leave their representation.




  • Documentary
  • 7 '
  • +12
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • Red One HD
  • Spanish